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Because of these concerns, the governments of Canada and the United States, along with representatives of other countries, have signed an agreement to phaseout the production and use of HCFC. The phaseout timetable, which actually began over 10 years ago, takes place in stages, with a critical milestone coming at the beginning of 2010. After January 1, 2010, manufacturers can no longer produce or import residential air conditioning equipment that uses an HCFC refrigerant such as R-22.

As a result of this transition from the production of equipment using HCFC to equipment that utilizes other types of refrigerants, many homeowners are getting misinformation from salesman, contractors and others about their air conditioners and heat pumps future replacement or servicing needs and options. Manufacturers are already making equipment that uses less environmentally sensitive refrigerants, and replacement of an older HCFC system may be a feasible option in any particular situation; however, homeowners should be aware that the continued servicing of existing units will still be possible in many cases for many more years.

The following Questions and Answers regarding refrigerants and the phaseout process are based on information supplied by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Details about the phaseout timetable, the future availability of R-22, and the new refrigerants that are replacing R-22 are addressed with the intent of assisting homeowners in clarifying their options when deciding whether to purchase a new air conditioning or heat pump system, or have an existing system repaired.

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HVAC Service- Trane Heat Pump Refrigerant Leak Repair
HVAC Service- Trane Heat Pump Refrigerant Leak Repair
Flare Connection Leak Guard for most Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps that use Flare Connection type Line Sets. Prevents Leaks when properly applied during installation.
Home (Pioneer)
  • Most Important Item for Installing a Mini Split System Ductless Air Conditioner with Flare Type Line Set Pipe Connections.
  • Creates a Leak Free Seal at the flare connections. Helps Prevent Expensive Service Calls to replenish lost refrigerant. Saves the environment.
  • Made of PPOE Refrigerant Oil using a special process. Compatible with R410a Refrigerant. Will not contaminate or clog the system even if it enters into the refrigeration...
  • 2cc tube provides sufficient amount for one system installation. Buy more and save on shipping. Use on all Flare Type Connections commonly found on most Mini Split...
  • Will not dry up. Apply to the front and back of the flare cones on copper pipe ends to seal all mating surfaces. Made in the U.S.A.
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