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Florida heat pump prices

Currently have a water source heat pump with Trane logo on it. not sure if it was manufactured by them or not.

initially it was noisy. had something put on compressor to muffle the noise. drain pan is not tilted ..so it at times gets clogged etc. 1.5 ton unit. approx 10 years old. . would like something better that is quieter and with no mold/musty smell. and not spend way too much.

I live in high-rise condo in Orlando Florida

model # GEVATRD00000000

I recently received a quote for a First Co. unit. Hydrotech water source heat pump. price seemed decent.

I then met another person who does AC work and he commented that First Co. AC units are not all that great. He had experiences with some other type units that were installed in ceiling ...not sure if they were water source heat pumps. he said i might do better with Florida Heat Pump unit.

Then talked to another guy in AC biz and also commented that First Co. was not all that good and neither was Florida Heat Pump. I told him I also looked at a Carrier unit, but he told me they do not manufacture them and that they are probably rebadge..

Then I got another quote from another company and he recommended getting the same exact Trane unit at nearly double the price of the Hydrotech...I am so confused now.. lol

sorry for the long explanation...

basically need advice on whether or not to go with the First Co. Hydrotech or Florida Heat Pump? or whatever...just need quiet unit that is reliable and with no mold smell or buildup..

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