Heat Siphon in South of France

Thermo pump pool

Take advantage of an incredible delivery offer for a limited time only.

Have your heat pump delivered at your home in Canada with a lift gate truck that will lower the heater to the ground for you. Broker fees paid, GST taxes paid, PST taxes paid. 100% insured delivery with no claims to fill up. All you have to do is sign and accept your pool heat pump.

Residential Delivery in Canada.


In Canada we can also ship to a truck terminal in your city for a lower rate (doesn't include Broker fees or Taxes) or to the closest USA terminal to you for free.

Recommended International Manufacturers

Gulfstream Pool Heat Pumps

The Gulfstream™ Heat Pump HE Series & HI Series are built to outperform the competition. Gulfstream heat pumps are equipped with:

  • Micro computer controller
  • Large LED Display
  • Push Button Operation
  • Dual Pool/Spa Programmable Thermostat
  • Remote System Compatible
The Gulfstream Heat Pump extracts free heat from the earth’s atmosphere, a renewable energy source, and mechanically upgrades it and transfers it to the pool water. The process is clean and safe for the environment.

There are no harmful emissions or dangerous carbon monoxide fumes. Even its controls are designed to work in conjunction with solar panel system for the ultimate high efficiency pool heating system. A true solar heat pump!

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