: Farm Innovators

Heating a pump house

Volts 120V, 240/208V
Wattage 500/375W
Warranty 1-year warranty on complete unit
Available in North America
Controls Built-in adjustable bi-metallic thermostat. (7° to 25°C / 45° to 77°F)
Finish Polyester/epoxy powder coating
Heating Element Exclusive coast aluminum heating grid.
Construction The heater wiring and control enclosure are of heavy gauge steel
  • Garages
  • Boiler Rooms
  • Grease Pits
  • Residential/Farm Pump House Systems
  • Approval Drawings (Heat Products Only)
  • Cast aluminum grid element

    Delivers lower surface temperatures.

  • Steel Resistant Housing

    Maximum durability and longevity of product.

  • Built-in thermostat control

    Adjustable thermostat control prevents pump house freeze-up.

  • Innovative design

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