Thermo Top c pump

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Charles R. Wolfe
1984 110, 300Tdi


Webasto thermotop C fuel source

Need help running fuel to my new used Webasto thermotop C.

Vehicle 1985 RHD 110CSW with 300tdi
Mechanical fuel pump
Fuel tank in rear. Pickup and sender (combined unit) left side of tank.

So I have read about the options, separate pickup, additional line off sedimenter etc.

Help and pictures would be greatly appreciated

1) If I run separate pickup from tank, where is the best location and any tricks on how to do it?

2) comments on addiing a sedimenter and running a second line frome sedimenter?

3) suggestions and or pictures of best place to mount the unit in the engine bay and where to tap into the coolant lines?

Help really needed. Engine takes forever to warm up despite grill muff. No it is not the thermostat. Or so it seems as I have replaced it twice.

It is Minnesota, colder than a Wiccan mammary gland, and I want warm toes and better engine longevity


Ps. Any pictures of sedimenter in a 110 also appreciated.


Hi. I'm in the market for a Thermo Top C. A couple of questions.

1. What can I expect to pay for a new kit? Any recommendations for where to find a good deal?
2. Anyone have experience running Biodiesel with them? According to Webasto B20 should be fine.
3. Is it critical that it is installed inline with heater (right wing on a LHD) ? Could I mount it further forward where the AC compressor used to be (300tdi w no AC)?
4. A direct line to fuel tank is necessary if I want to run it with ignition off, right?

1. About 1k on eBay...

2. Un-sure

3. Yes you can mount it anywere as long as the hoses reach...

4. I would recommend dropping the tank and using a dedicated source for the fuel. I run mine quite a bit during the winter when the ignition is off. You can put an inline fuel filter if you want. Just make sure your drive time is twice as long (roughly) than you run the webasto. This is to allow the battery to recharge.

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