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heat pump water heaterHybrid heat pump water heaters are a new, highly efficient way to heat water. They typically cost half as much to operate as traditional electric resistance water heaters, and can save a homeowner as much as $2, 500 over the lifetime of the unit. While they heat water, heat pump water heaters also air condition and dehumidify the space around them.

To understand the concept of heat pumps, imagine a refrigerator working in reverse. While a refrigerator removes heat from a box and expels it into the surrounding air, a heat pump water heater takes the heat from the air and transfers it to water. They are called “hybrids” because in addition to a heat pump they also have traditional electric resistance heating elements for times when demand exceeds what the heat pump can produce.

Financial Example

1, 000
700 net price
400 typical electric water heater price
incremental cost

$250/yr projected savings*
1.2-year payback

$2, 500 lifetime savings
Note: Your actual savings may vary.


  • Save up to $2, 500 over the life of the unit compared to electric water heating.
  • Reduce need for dehumidification. (Note: because they operate based on hot water demand instead of humidity levels, heat pump water heaters complement, but do not replace, dehumidifiers.)
  • Reduce need for air conditioning.

Other Considerations

  • They are as loud as a dehumidifier so are best installed in an unoccupied room.
  • Condensate from the heat pump water heater must be pumped or drained away from unit.
  • If installed in a conditioned space, your heating system may have to work harder to balance the slight cooling effect of the heat pump water heater. This can reduce savings during the heating season.
  • Air filters must be rinsed regularly.
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