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Thermo pump not cooling

Keeping your heat pump cooling properly in those hot summer months is a must to maintain a comfortable home. When your heat pump won't cool, you want to get it up and running again as quickly as possible. Try these simple troubleshooting techniques to get your heat pump back to work.

Step 1 – Check Your Settings

If your heat pump worked fine when it was chilly but is failing you now that warmer days have arrived, the first thing to check is that the thermostat is turned to cooling and set on automatic. The switches are generally located on the side or bottom of the unit; this is the simplest possible solution. If this doesn't solve the problem, try turning the machine to “fan only”, to make sure that your fan is running properly. Be sure to keep the thermostat at a temperature setting that is comfortable for you; if the setting isn't low enough, the heat pump won't kick on.

Step 2 – Check Your Filter

Your filters have to be clean in order for your heat pump to work properly. You should change them monthly during heavy use seasons. If either the filters are clogged or there is debris around your compressor, that could explain the cooling problem. Use a low pressure hose to wash out the outdoor compressor. Often this is all it takes to fix a cooling problem

Step 3 – Defrost the Heat Pump

Sometimes the energy efficiency settings on the heat pump will prevent the defroster from working long enough or often enough to keep your heat pump defrosted. Try running the “fan only” setting for an hour or so to defrost the heat pump. If this is a recurring problem, consider moving the outdoor sensor to a more ideal location, closer to the coil's outtake.

Step 4 – Check Your Power Source

Check your fuse or breaker box to make sure that the heat pump is receiving power. If the heat pump starts and stops, or continuously flips the breaker, you may have either a problem with your heat pump's compressor, or a problem with your home's electrical wiring. At this point, it is advisable to have an electrician come out and take a look at the problem.

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